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Sound Systems

"The Amplifier"

Sound is the most important factor in leaving a lasting impact on your guests. It can make or break a party, and therefore using quality equipment necessary to cover all your sound needs, is of utmost importance. From private parties to concerts, speeches to live music, djs to big bands, we have all the equipment necessary to fit your needs.


"The Enhancer "

Let your voice be heard!

Wired or wireless, handheld or standing, singer or musician... Choose the correct microphone for its required application from our extensive sound inventory.

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Sound Mixers

"The Mastermind" 

Bringing multiple instruments and vocals together to create a harmonious balance of sound feeds to please your audience by keeping sound quality high and maximizing audible range.

Sound Engineers

"The Brains" 

Our professional team of sound engineers and technicians strive for perfection. 

Installation, Setup Logistics, Live Mixing etc.. We handle it all for you! Enjoy your event while we optimize all sound equipment to deliver unparalleled sound quality and a smooth 

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PA System Packages

"All In One"

Depending on the size of your party, we rent high tech PA systems that will get your message across loud and clear. Inquire about Large, Medium and Small PA Systems that best suit your needs. All systems come with a complimentary technician on site who will ensure a smooth and effective sound experience.

Panel & Conference Systems

"Team Work"

Hosting multiple guest speakers simultaneously? 

Inquire about our panel table microphone installation and our headset wireless microphones that will flawlessly amplify your team of presenters together for an impactful presentation. 

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