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"The Mood Setter"

The first and most important component in creating the perfect mood for your event.

Explore the endless color possibilities of up-lighting and watch as your venue powerfully turns into the most unexpected beauty.

Ambient Lighting

"The Wow Factor" 

The key to transforming any venue into a glowing work of art that will leave your guests speechless. 

Accent Lighting

"The Highlighter" 

The perfect way to accentuate floral centerpieces, wedding cakes, tables and items that need special attention.

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Intelligent Lighting

"The Party Booster"

Ingeniously designed to bring your dance floor to life and creating the ultimate environment for lifetime memories.

String Lighting

"The Outdoor Necessity"

Whether you're having your wedding reception under the stars or simply want to create a unique and elegant outdoor setting, string lighting is the magic touch needed to make it a reality. 

Black Light

"The Glower" 

Fun themed parties often involve white/neon colored outfits and props, but nothing makes them truly stand out like UV lighting can. A subtle, yet defining effect, to fully carry out the fun to its best potential.

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Trussing Systems

"The Infrastructure"

Truss structures bring picture perfect lighting designs into reality by providing an infinite world of rigging and mounting possibilities. Totem towers, overhanging mounting rigs, trade-show booths or jaw-dropping custom infrastructures; let us bring you a taste of lighting paradise to your next event. 

Monogram Projection

"The Personal Touch "

Let us project your logo, initials or full names on your venue walls to add that extra personal touch to wow your guests and enhance your pictures at the same time.

Pattern Projections

"The Texture Creator"

Booked a venue in the perfect location, yet feeling like it's too plain?

Pattern projections will help in transforming "dull" looking spaces into textured glory to set the perfect vibe for your event. 

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